From Love to Hate

The series Urban Forest sentences pollution and destruction of the biomass. Abstract plants, surviving heroes, charged with dynamism, rhythm, melody, and why not, sensuality.

For the first time on the streets in San José, Costa Rica, at Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary art gallery Bushes Making Themselves Interesting represents an aspect of human relations.

Seen from the side they suggest dance, courtship, love. In the front side they turn aggressive.

Ironic reality in human relations. We go from love at first sight, which doesn´t cease to be simple attraction, to falling in love. Then comes disenchantment provoked by situations like coexistence, past revival, lack of forgiveness, idealization of the partner whose image is distorted by our society´s clichés. Aversion follows and finally, with no apparent cause, hostility arises. Hence the proverb “From love to hate there´s only one step”. Maybe it´s a defence mechanism against pain and frustration. Some believe indifference is an even worse antagonist to love than hate. Is it possible to hate someone we have loved? Does unconditional love, ineffable antidote to aversion, belong to the world of “Utopic cities”?

I finish this topic with a quote from F. Heumer: “Love has a powerful brother, hate. Beware not to offend the first one because the other one can kill you”.

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