From Chaos to Order

With my sculptures I pretend to contribute to the battle of forms in constant change and fragile stability: the universe seen through time, duality between order and chaos. Is this a sign that the energy of the universe tends to balance leading to mayhem? Or is it that chaos far from being the opposite of order, precedes it? Do revolutions conduct to institutionality? Hence the title Chaos Transforms into Order.

Painted in yellow. I like to use that colour because it´s the most contradictory when it comes to what it reflects: joy, enthusiasm, courage, strength, passion. Colour of the sun and the light. Violent, intense, irritating, loud, dangerous.

Kandinsky used to say that yellow represents violent madness, the unbearable. It was Van Gogh´s favourite colour especially in his last years of crisis, when he painted cornfields under menacing and tormented skies. For Frida Kahlo it meant madness, sickness, fear, part of the sun and joy. For us, today it represents the university´s indomitable, revolutionary spirit.

  Expression of my Works
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