Ode to Creativity

Neurological Synthesis of Abstraction in the Eternal Conceptual Conflict between Perception and Representation

From this piece develops my series Neurological Abstractions, which represents how an idea matures in the brain. Assembled to reward creativity during the “Jade Awards” at Festival Antigua of UGAP.

With chaotic appearance but design based on composition principles used throughout history. I tried to empathize with concepts applied in publicity. Man is a highly visual being; communicative power depends on how we interpret the image. To share images is to communicate vivid and structured experiences in a certain way and by doing it creatively we capture the viewer´s attention.

A very thin line separates creativity from craziness. Kids can escape reality easily. They do imaginary trips and have imaginary friends. But if an adult is a dreamer things change. We declare him crazy or idolize him as a genius.

 I finish with the following quotes of Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro and Guatemalan novelist Mario Monteforte Toledo:

“If I didn´t do at least one crazy thing a day I would go madly insane”.

“Fortunately there´s still crazy people in this world. Fruitful miracle is when they come together”.

  Expression of my Works
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