This series denounces the destruction of every animal´s habitat. It has its maximum expression in the piece The Scream, a polar bear desperately stretching his neck towards the sky because the loss of his ambience. Taurus represents domestic animals of which we can serve.

My technique is to incorporate metal sheet with automobile parts, not as junk or Arte Povera but giving them an additional value, as if they were made for the art work. I search for kinetic pieces that suggest rhythm and movement. All of this with a different style, breaking paradigms and formats, expressing myself big time.

I recognize my work is influenced by cubism and constructivism, sometimes crossing the line to the abstract. In some cases, movement flows through the pieces evoking the 20th century futurists. I try to represent simple geometric relations which, according to Cézanne, all natural forms can be reduced to.

  Expression of my Works
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