Fountain of Life

The sculpture Fountain of Life from the series Urban Forest is significantly situated in front of the Secretary for Development of South Border and Bond to the International Chiapas Cooperation. I could talk for hours about our friendship and caring with Mexico; our history, Tacaná volcano, Coatán river, black beans and tamalitos de chipilin are just some of the things that we have in common.

Lines and planes taken to the fourth dimension: absence of form taken to its highest expression, mass reduced to its minimum expression. Abstract plants, bold survivors, in a degraded world. Released energy through vanishing points looking to meet somewhere in infinity. Melody, rhythm, dynamics. Revolted momentum in its maximum expression, confronting contamination of the biomass.

It is time to dialogue with the dear and admired poet of Chiapas, Jaime Sabines Gutiérrez. The poem goes like this: “I love God. He settled galaxies and distributed transit in an ant’s path. They say sometimes he gets angry and makes earthquakes, storms, fire, unleashed wind, strong currents, punishments, and disasters. But this is a lie. It is the earth changing, agitating and growing, when God wanders”.

 Another poem of Sabines goes like this:

“It is the shadow of water / and the echoes of a sigh, / trace of a look, / memory of absence…” Words that immediately make me remember City of Tapachula of Córdova and Ordóñez. Spring of water, exuberant vegetation, development axis, diverse cultural focus. In a few words, Fountain of Life.

  Expression of my Works
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